​Inclement Weather Policy - We reserve the right to cancel a reservation due to heavy rains or high winds (20 mph).We will call you on the morning of your party to confirm your reservation in which at that time you have the option of canceling your order. Shall you decide to proceed with your order in such weather conditions, once the unit is delivered, there will be no refunds should the weather conditions consist of heavy rains or high winds.

Weather Saftey Instructions - Inflatables can not be used in heavy rains or high winds (20 mph). Immediatley deflate the unit and do not use until the weather has cleared up. 

General Rules
1. All riders must remove their shoes before entering the inflatable unit.
​2. To avoid neck and back injuries, FLIPS ARE NOT ALLOWED.
​3. Absolutely no "Silly String", gum, candy, food, or other sticky substances allowed in the inflatable unit. If upon pickup such cleaning is required, a $50.00 cleaning fee will be automatically imposed.
4. No pets allowed inside of the inflatable unit.
5. Do not move inflatable unit from the place it is originally installed.